Saturday 14 November 2015

Reviews : November 2015

Luke Bowyer
18th August 2014
Structo Magazine, Issue 12

An affectionate narrative of memories, emotions and unfinished affairs of the heart. The lack of explanations leads you on, half yearning to know, half enjoying the secret the narrator holds over you. A funeral is the setting, yet the images provided by the narrative allow you to see glimpses of memories held of the main character Anthony, in life. A contrast from the unknown details of his death. Him at university, his peculiarities, his qualities. Whether the narrator is a male or female voice eluded me for quite a while, yet this didn't matter, and I was driven forward by the emotional and alluring sentences. Reaching the end of the story, you are somewhat unarmed and unsure how you got there. Yet you are glad you're on the train home and understand why things left in the past are best left there. One to read. I read it twice.

Charlie Galbraith
23rd February 2015
Structo Magazine, Issue 13

An amusing tale of an unwanted house-guest, an ill-fitting toupee and the temporary illusionary powers of a prosthetic leg.  I was transported to Benny and his brother's house, only to wish I hadn't been with its stained carpet and lack of a housekeeper - oh, the powers of the writer.  The story is pacy yet so filled with words I got lost and made dinner halfway through. Algernon Irving is a well-drawn character, both the real, and the imaginary. He made me feel quite queasy and wishing I could have a shower. This is a story to experience, but also certainly a story I wouldn't want to read again. Read at your own risk.

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